Food & Allergy Testing for Pets

The more you know, the better they'll feel

When we at DeYoe Wellness think about wellness, we think about family. While pets used to be known as an extension of family, pets essentially are our children. We treat them as equals and when they’re not happy, it’s not always easy to tell. Pets can’t communicate that they’re not feeling well. In fact they may not even show symptoms at all.


Not too long ago, our little boy Romeo, one of our two Cocker Spaniels, wasn’t eating all of his food. Food he’s always eaten and seemed to enjoy. Our vet was baffled. After personal success with Food & Allergy Test Kits for ourselves, we ran a Food, Allergy and Intolerance Test Kits for Pets on Romeo and discovered the root of the problem—Romeo had an intolerance to corn. Who knew?

We completely changed Romeo’s food and noticed within days he was finishing all of his food. He sleeps more soundly now and is his playful self once again. Our entire family is relieved to have found the true cause of Romeo’s eating issue.

How Can We Help Your Fur Baby?

DeYoe Wellness offers Food & Allergy Testing for pets (dogs, cats and even horses) to determine what their systems do and don’t respond to well. Our kits test for the most commonly ingested foods to provide you specific results as to your pet’s food intolerance and/or sensitivities. The results are then sent you directly via email so that you can make informed decisions about your pet’s environment and overall health. And if you have further questions, simply share the test results with your vet.

Our Food & Allergy Test Kits for Pets check for:

  • 300+ Total Items
  • 200+ Pet Food Ingredients
  • 100+ Environmental Items

Every animal is priceless to us. As a pet and people wellness company, we bring entire families together in a place of health, healing and a beautiful quality of life.

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