Deluxe Food & Allergy Test Kit – Adult


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Our Deluxe Food & Allergy Testing Kit is an all-in-one solution that includes multiple tests including a Food Intolerance Test, Environmental Allergen Test, Nutrition Deficiency Test and a Metal/Mineral Test, giving you the most comprehensive picture of your body’s overall health.

With this test, you will be able to see the different food intolerances your body has, environmental allergens your body reacts to, the metals you need to avoid and any nutritional items (vitamins and minerals) you need to implement in your diet. Alongside these results, you’ll be able to gain the proper knowledge in order to create the perfect diet, unique to you. These results will act as a guideline for you to use and help your body start the healing process.

Using the latest in bio-technology, this safe and non-invasive test uses 10-15 strands of your hair to create an extensive report of all your intolerances. This detailed report will show your food intolerances and environmental allergens, flagging ones that should be avoided completely. Final results are then emailed directly to you from the lab within 7-10 days.


• 550+ of the most common food and items including wheat, dairy, eggs, & meats
• 100+ Environmental Items Tested including pollen, grasses, & weeds
• 115+ Nutritional Items needed to keep your body healthy including biotin, iron, & calcium
• 50 Metal/Mineral items tested including mercury & lead



You’ll receive everything you need to submit the test from the comfort of your home. Each Test Kit includes detailed instructions on obtaining your samples, special packaging for safely protecting the samples and a postage-paid return envelope to mail off your samples.


DeYoe Wellness offers Post Test Consultations where we carefully study the test results and help you formulate a nutrition plan that not only avoids your allergies and intolerances, but makes up for the loss of those items in your diet.

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