Intolerance Test Kit for Cats


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Our Intolerance Test Kit for Cats is a non-invasive hair analysis test which tests your pet’s hair sample (10-15 strands) using bio resonance technology. The test searches for non-IgE mediated reactions or “intolerances” and the results can be used as a screening tool to make the necessary dietary and environmental lifestyle changes necessary. The test scans for over 300 common items including food and environmental ingredients to help you zero in on the key sensitivities.

Test results are sent to you via email and are typically available 5-7 days after the lab receives the samples. The easy-to-understand results flag items that are likely culprits to your favorite feline not feeling well. With this information, you can adjust your pet’s diet and environment, typically seeing improvements in a matter of a few days. For additional help understanding the results, pet owners are encouraged to share the report with their veterinarian.


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